Sourav Mondal

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Mesenchymal condensation is a pre-requisite of chondrogenesis during embryonic development. The current understanding of chondrogenesis is limited in terms of chondrogenic condensation mechanisms. In particular, the role of matrix stiffness on homotypic cell-cell interactions leading to the establishment of distinct aggregated chondrogenic morphology from(More)
Mass transport of a neutral solute for a power law fluid in a porous microtube under electro-osmotic flow regime is characterized in this study. Combined electro-osmotic and pressure driven flow is conducted herein. An analytical solution of concentration profile within mass transfer boundary layer is derived from the first principle. The solute transport(More)
Recently, the major area of concern is the presence of the emerging pollutants in wastewaters, surface waters and ground waters. In most cases, the emerging contaminants refers to the unregulated pollutants, which can be included for future regulation depending upon research on their health effects and their occurrence. They generally includes surfactants,(More)
India nurtures a large population of Tuberculosis unlike Crohn’s which is mainly a disease of Western population. Clinicopathological similarity between these two diseases often creates a dilemma and divert the physician from choosing the right path of healing. Besides Tuberculosis, being endemic in India, we often misdiagnose the cases of Crohn’s as TB and(More)
The presented paper is based on a new technology, QCA (Quantum-dot Cellular Automata), a promising successor for CMOS transistor technology. The implementation of logic circuits by the traditional devices (eg. transistors, diodes and resistors are replaced by quantum devices (quantum dots or single domain nano magnets). The use of quantum-dots is a(More)
Background: Child labour is a big problem. Studies have indicated several problems of child labour. However, few studies have indicated the characteristics of child labour rural India. Objectives: This study has explored characteristics of child labour and their families in the rural community of eastern India and also identified their health problems.(More)
A generalized kinetic model is proposed for the first time for dye removal using polyelectrolytes in application of polyelectrolyte enhanced ultrafiltration. Three polyelectrolyte-dye systems, reported in the literature have been taken up for case studies. Different cases, namely, nature of dye and polyelectrolyte system and their concentration, effect of(More)
The mass transport of a neutral solute in a porous wall, under the influence of streaming field, has been analyzed in this study. The effect of the induced streaming field on the electroviscous effect of the fluid for different flow geometries has been suitably quantified. The overall electroosmotic velocity profile and expression for streaming field have(More)
An assessment of the ability of a micellar surface to bind different metal ions using molecular simulation is presented in this study. Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) is considered as the anionic surfactant. Various relevant characteristics of SDS-metal ion systems are estimated to quantify preferential binding of metal ions. These are electrostatic energy,(More)
Arsenic contamination mitigation technologies have been adsorption-based, but the most widely-used and traditionally available adsorbents suffered inherent limitations, including cost infeasibility and problems associated with regeneration and disposal of the spent adsorbent. The present technology is based on indigenously developed activated laterite(More)