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In our smart planet, there are numerous sensors sensing almost everything around us and streaming the sensor data to different data collectors. Storing, categorizing and analyzing sensor data are the key challenging areas with a view to provide their proper usage. Semantic querying on such a deluge of sensor data set imposes another challenge. As queries(More)
Developing analytical applications for IoT based on sensor signal processing tends to be complicated as applications are executed as sequence of steps comprising of multiple alternative algorithms, including suitable feature extraction modules depending on the goal of the application. Experience shows that developers spend considerable time and effort in(More)
Semantically capturing, storing and fetching spatial sensor web data play an important role in various cyber-physical applications. Different tools are available for each of these purposes but all of them have integration and interoperability issues of their own. In this paper, we provide a detailed comparison of different combination of tools and(More)
Numerous sensors are involved in sensing almost everything around us in a cyber-physical system. They generate heterogeneous data which are diverse in format and protocol. Prevailing standards formally define sensor data encodings and provide syntactic interoperability but failed to provide semantic capability required for searching, reasoning, querying on(More)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a feature where the program schedule of the channel is shown as a blended text over the video of the channel user is viewing. In case of STB the hardware is aware of which channel it is tuned to and so its possible to show EPG information easily. But in India where, still 93% of total TV viewers are watching TV from(More)
Digital libraries store images which can be highly degraded and to index this kind of images we resort to word spotting as our information retrieval system. Information retrieval for handwritten document images is more challenging due to the difficulties in complex layout analysis, large variations of writing styles, and degradation or low quality of(More)
Offline signature verification is one of the most challenging tasks in biometrics and document forensics. Unlike other verification problems, it needs to model minute but critical details between genuine and forged signatures, because a skilled falsification might only differ from a real signature by some specific kinds of deformation. This verification(More)