Soumyo Chatterjee

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This paper strives to postulate a design expression for the first null beam width (FNBW) of Dolph Chebyshev linear antenna array which facilitates the angular resolution analysis of main beam. The formula for FNBW has been deduced by observing variation of FNBW with required side lobe ratio. Variation of FNBW with inter-element spacing for different array(More)
Present article proposes a closed-form design expression of First Null Beam Width (FNBW) of a broadside linear antenna array with Taylor distribution. The design expression is formulated by observing the variation of FNBW with respect to the number of elements, inter-element spacing and side-lobe ratio. Effectiveness of the proposed design expression is(More)
In this article, a comparative study between population based optimization methods with random and restricted search space definition applied in the pattern synthesis of linear antenna arrays is presented. Synthesis problem of reduced side lobe level and narrow beamwidth is considered. The design objective further considers the optimization of excitation(More)
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