Soumyakanti Chakraborty

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In the last few years, adoption of cloud computing has shown a marked increase across the world. Moreover, the smaller markets, viz., Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East, etc., are expected to grow at more than the average rate for the next few years. While this is good news for cloud service providers, significant obstacles to cloud adoption still(More)
The last few years have witnessed a high rate of growth in revenue from single-item online auctions popularized by eBay and similar websites. But implementations of online combinatorial auctions are rare because of the high cost incurred by the seller in solving the WDP, and the high participation and monitoring costs that have to be borne by the bidders.(More)
Current combinatorial auctions require bidders to specify the valuations of bundles at the start of the auction. We propose an alternative mechanism called RevalSlot, based on the common value model, which allows a bidder to participate in the auction even if she can only identify a range within which her valuations lie. This will increase bidder(More)
Multi-round combinatorial auctions have been infrequently employed for essentially two reasons, the computational complexity of the Winner Determination Problem, and the need to provide information feedback to bidders to enable them to bid meaningfully. Here we take a fresh look at the second issue. In business environments, a bidder’s valuation of a(More)
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