Soumyajit Roy

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Vision influences taste. It is known that color plays an important role in flavor perception. However, the effect of other features of visual information such as shapes and semantic familiarity of words on the taste perception, particularly on taste sensitivity, is not clear yet. Here we study whether the sweet taste sensitivity of the subjects is affected(More)
We report a computational study on the spontaneous self-assembly of spherical particles into two-dimensional crystals. The experimental observation of such structures stabilized by spherical objects appeared paradoxical so far. We implement patchy interactions with the patches point-symmetrically (icosahedral and cubic) arranged on the surface of the(More)
We demonstrate the existence of discrete single molecular [Mo(132)] Keplerate-type clusters in aqueous solution. Starting from a discrete spherical [Mo(132)] cluster, the formation of an open-basket-type [Mo(116)] defect structure is shown for the first time in solution using analytical ultracentrifugation sedimentation velocity experiments.
The unusual self-assembly of {(BMIm)2 (DMIm)[PW12 O40 ]}n (n=1100-7500) (BMIm=1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium, DMIm=3,3'-dimethyl-1,1'-diimidazolium) soft oxometalates (SOMs) with controlled size and a hollow nanocavity was exploited for the photochemical synthesis of polymeric nanospheres within the nanocavity of the SOM. The SOM vesicle has been characterized(More)
A recoverable photo-polymerization catalyst based on an imidazolium and a polyoxometalate, viz., (BMIm)2(DMIm)PW12O40 (where, BMIm = 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium, DMIm = 3,3'-dimethyl-1,1'-diimidazolium) is reported. It catalyzes photo-polymerization of several industrially important monomers like styrene, methyl methacrylate, butyl methacrylate and vinyl(More)
The polyoxometalates, or POMs (clusters comprising at least two metal and many oxygen atoms), have recently gained significant interest, owing to their versatile architecture and especially catalytic activities. Due to their high catalytic activity but low surface area, there is always a demand for making high-surface-area POMs, particularly(More)
We show that the equilibrium size of single-layer shells composed of polyoxometalate macroions is inversely proportional to the dielectric constant of the medium in which they are dispersed. This behavior is consistent with a stabilization mechanism based on Coulomb repulsion combined with charge regulation. We estimate the cohesive energy per bond between(More)
The formation pathway of a closed spherical cluster [Mo132], starting from a library of building blocks of molybdate anions, has been reported. Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, Raman spectroscopy, and theoretical studies describe the formation of such a complex cluster from a reduced and acidified aqueous solution of molybdate. Understanding the(More)
A supramolecular poly-electrolyte complex (SPEC) comprising poly-electrolyte acrylic acid with supramolecularly complexed guanidium is reported. This complex shows pH responsive phase transitions, which are described and characterized using microscopy, spectroscopy, density functional theory studies and Monte Carlo simulations. The phase behaviour of the(More)
An immediate challenge for chemists is to devise different methods to trap chemical energy using light by reduction of carbon dioxide to a transportable fuel. To reach this goal the major obstacle lies in finding a suitable material that is abundant and possesses catalytic power to effect such reduction reaction and perform this reduction reaction without(More)