Soumyajit Poddar

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Four primary aspects of chip design are processor, memory, IO, and communication. Communication amalgamated over a SoC (system-on-chip) is the basis of origin of an NoC (network-on-chip). Continuous increase in processing/communication needs with the rapid growth in VLSI industry providing higher and higher integration density within a single die has(More)
Present-day focus on multicore research has not only increased computing power but also power- and bandwidth-efficient communication among cores. On-chip communication networks have become popular today because of their low energy use and modular structure compared to bus-based interconnects. Silicon photonics has further boosted the performance of on-chip(More)
High Performance Computing Chips are expected to deliver several GFLOPs of computing power in the near future. Parallelism inherent in modern algorithms boosts the motivation for building multicore architectures. Design-space exploration and performance estimation has to be done before finding an optimal design point for a multicore IC. Role of a good(More)
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