Soumyadip Rakshit

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This paper presents a novel iris coding method based on differences of discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients of overlapped angular patches from normalized iris images. The feature extraction capabilities of the DCT are optimized on the two largest publicly available iris image data sets, 2,156 images of 308 eyes from the CASIA database and 2,955(More)
The resilience of identity verification systems to subsampling and compression of human iris images is investigated for three high performance iris matching algorithms. For evaluation, 2156 images from 308 eyes are mapped into a rectangular format with 512 pixels circumferentially and 80 radially. For identity verification, the 48 rows nearest the pupil(More)
A novel eyelash removal method for preprocessing of human iris images in a human iris recognition system is presented. The method filters each occluded pixel along an axis perpendicular to the eyelash direction, and accepts the filtered value if it changes by more than a certain threshold. This allows partially occluded regions of the iris to be included in(More)
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