Soumya T. Soman

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In this paper we describe the geometrical interpretation of SVD based on the Pythagoras Theorem and optimization theory. SVD is a technique which factorizes matrix A into three matrices U,∑,V, such that T V U A ∑ = . The aim of this paper is to provide an easy way to understand SVD by using Pythagoras Theorem. SVD has variety of applications in engineering,(More)
We propose a kernel function called Wavelet Assignment graph kernel for graph classification which has applications in drug discovery. This is an extension of wavelet alignment graph kernel. In this method we use graphs to model chemical compounds. For feature extraction we have applied wavelet analysis to graph structured chemical structure, for each atom(More)
Biological approach to synthesis of metal nanoparticles using aqueous leaf extract is a highly relevant and recent theme in nanotechnological research. Phytosynthesized AgNPs have better inhibitory and antimicrobial effects compared to aqueous leaf extract and silver nitrate. In the present investigation crystalline silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with size of(More)
Image fusion produces a single composite image from a set of input images, which is more suitable for visual perception and computer processing. This paper proposes Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) based fusion, which yields better results. The variation of data can be captured by SVD and is used to perform the fusion by varying singular values. This(More)
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