Soumya R. Mohanty

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—In this paper, comparative study between wavelet transform (WT) and-transform (ST) based on extracted features for detection of islanding and power quality (PQ) disturbances in hybrid distributed generation (DG) system is presented. The hybrid system consists of DG resources like photovoltaic, fuel cell, and wind energy systems connected to grid. The(More)
This paper presents a study on isolated hybrid distributed generation (DG) system for improving the frequency deviation profile. The hybrid DG system consists of wind turbine generator (WTG), diesel engine generator (DEG), aqua-electrolyzer (AE), fuel cell (FC) along with energy storage units. The frequency control problem is addressed for DG system(More)
Keywords: Distribution generation Deregulated power systems Load–frequency control Optimal control Artificial intelligent techniques a b s t r a c t In this paper an extensive literature review on load–frequency control (LFC) problem in power system has been highlighted. The various configuration of power system models and control techniques/ strategies(More)
S-transform and wavelet transform based approach for detection of different power quality disturbances like voltage sag, voltage swell, momentary interruption, notch and oscillatory transients in grid-connected wind power system is proposed in this paper. The voltage signal at point of common coupling is used in detection of the disturbances. The excellent(More)
This paper proposes a load frequency control scheme for an autonomous hybrid generation system consisting of wind turbine generator (WTG), diesel engine generator (DEG), fuel cell (FC), aqua electrolyzer (AE) and battery energy storage system (BESS). In wind power generation systems, operating conditions are changing continually due to wind speed and load(More)
—A small-signal analysis of isolated autonomous hybrid system with high voltage direct current link (HVDC) or high voltage alternating current (HVAC) line for different energy storage combinations is proposed in this paper. The hybrid systems supplying power to isolated loads comprise of different renewable energy resources such as wind, photovoltaic (PV),(More)
The run-of-river hydro power plant usually have low or nil water storage capacity, and therefore an adequate control strategy is required to keep the water level constant in pond. This paper presents a novel technique based on TSK fuzzy controller to maintain the pond head constant. The performance is investigated over a wide range of hill curve of hydro(More)
fourth of the post fault cycle is used as input to proposed modular LS-SVM classifier. The proposed scheme uses four binary classifier; three for selection of three phases and fourth for ground detection. The proposed classification scheme is found to be accurate and reliable in presence of noise as well. The simulation results validate the efficacy of(More)