Soumya Mukherjee

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Indoleamines regulate a variety of physiological functions during the growth, morphogenesis and stress-induced responses in plants. Present investigations report the effect of NaCl stress on endogenous serotonin and melatonin accumulation and their differential spatial distribution in sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seedling roots and cotyledons using HPLC(More)
Please cite this article in press as: Ghorai, S. , e j.foodres.2009.02.019 Fungi are of excellent value nutritionally, and of great importance to vegetarians. Edible mushrooms are excellent sources of protein, have low-fat content and are free of cholesterol. They are easily cultivable and are consumed either in fresh or processed form. Yeasts and(More)
Studies on knockout mutants and conditional mutants are invaluable to biological research and have been used extensively to probe the intricacies of biological systems through loss of function associated with attenuation of a particular protein. Besides, RNAi technology has been developed in recent years to further aid the process of scientific inquiry.(More)
This study catalogs production of industrially important enzymes and changes in transcript expression caused by 2-deoxy D-glucose (2-DG) treatment in Arthrinium malaysianum cultures. Carbon Catabolite Repression (CCR) induced by 2-DG in this species is cAMP independent unlike many other organisms. Higher levels of secreted endoglucanase (EG), β-glucosidase(More)
Redox active metals (Fe and Cu) and cofactors (heme) bind to Aβ peptides and react with O(2) in their reduced state leading to oxidative stress in the brain. In this study we cryogenically trap and characterize a Fe-O(2) intermediate, using resonance Raman spectroscopy, involved in reactive oxygen species formation by Aβ peptides. This is the first reaction(More)
The possible protective role of ethanolic extract of A. indica tuber (EEAIT) in hepatotoxicity and apoptosis of liver caused by alcohol in rats was investigated. Treatment of rats with alcohol (3 g ethanol per kg body weight per day for 15 days intraperitoneally) produced marked elevation of liver biomarkers such as serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT),(More)
Redox active iron is utilized in biology for various electron transfer and catalytic reactions essential for life, yet this same chemistry mediates the formation of partially reduced oxygen species (PROS). Oxidative stress derived from the iron accumulated in the amyloid plaques originating from amyloid β (Aβ) peptides and neurofibrillary tangles derived(More)
Digital color image segmentation of noisy images is nowadays an important area of research in the field of computer vision. This paper advocates an effective image segmentation approach for noisy images. The approach can broadly be divided into application of two strategies namely noise removal from noisy images using median filtering on initial digital(More)
The water-soluble hydrophilic part of human Aβ peptide has been extended to include a C-terminal cysteine residue. Utilizing the thiol functionality of this cysteine residue, self-assembled monolayers (SAM) of these peptides are formed on Au electrodes. Atomic force microscopy imaging confirms formation of small Aβ aggregates on the surface of the(More)