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—A fundamental challenge in the design of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is to enhance the network lifetime. The area around the Sink forms a bottleneck zone due to heavy traffic-flow, which limits the network lifetime in WSN. This work attempts to improve the energy efficiency of the bottleneck zone which leads to overall improvement of the network lifetime(More)
In the present scenario, even well administered networks are susceptible to sophisticated cyber attacks. Such attack combines vulnerabilities existing on different systems/services and are potentially more harmful than single point attacks. One of the methods for analyzing such security vulnerabilities in an enterprise network is the use of attack graph. It(More)
The Internet of Everything (IoE) solutions gradually bring every object online, and processing data in centralized cloud does not scale to requirements of such environment. This is because, there are applications such as health monitoring and emergency response that require low latency and delay caused by transferring data to the cloud and then back to the(More)
With rapid technological advancements, cloud marketplace witnessed frequent emergence of new service providers with similar offerings. However, service level agreements (SLAs), which document guaranteed quality of service levels, have not been found to be consistent among providers, even though they offer services with similar functionality. In service(More)
—Prediction of spatial attributes has attracted significant research interest in recent years. It is challenging especially when spatial data contain errors and missing values. Geostatistical estimators are used to predict the missing attribute values from the observed values of known surrounding data points, a general form of which is referred as kriging(More)
In a typical enterprise network, there are several sub-networks or network zones corresponding to different departments or sections of the organization. These zones are interconnected through set of Layer-3 network devices (or routers). The service accesses within the zones and also with the external network (e.g., Internet) are usually governed by a(More)
Increasing availability of geospatial data provides exceptional opportunities in knowledge creation and distribution. For the discovery of suitable data sources, keyword based search in the catalogue becomes inaccurate. The main reason behind this is the existing semantic heterogeneity in the database schema, deployed by different service providers. It(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks, the security enforcement and its implementation becoming increasingly difficult due to quasi-static nature of the mobile nodes (wireless communication devices), no fixed network topology and more importantly absence of centralized authority. In such networks, communication links between nodes may be bandwidth constrained, messages(More)