Soumya Chandramouli

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In this paper, we present integrated circuit solutions that enable high-speed data transmission over legacy systems such as short reach optics and electrical backplanes. These circuits compensate for the most critical signal impairments, intersymbol interference and crosstalk. The finite impulse response (FIR) filter is the cornerstone of our architecture,(More)
Limitations in data transmission caused by band limitation in broadband communication links can be improved significantly by using equalization techniques. In this paper, a reconfigurable feed-forward equalizer employing a transition detector (TD)-based calibration technique that provides a universal channel compensation solution is presented. Moreover, the(More)
A 10-Gb/s data transmission over optical fiber is limited in reach due to optical dispersion phenomena that results in inter-symbol interference. Electronic dispersion compensators employing linear and nonlinear equalization techniques are a compact, cost-effective, and adaptive alternative to optical dispersion compensating techniques and devices that are(More)
The results of a study comparing the performance of maximum-likelihood sequence detection (MLSD) for various magnetic-recording schemes are presented. The schemes considered are: run-length limited (RLL) coding, non-return to zero (NRZ) recording and partial-response class IV (PR-IV) and extended partial-response class IV (EPR-IV) signaling. MLSD of(More)
Today, network systems require higher bandwidth for applications such as fiber-to-the-home communications. Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) links using a Fabry-Perot laser are attractive solutions for this high-speed network. However, due to the mode partition noise and fiber dispersion, GPON systems suffer from inter-symbol interference (ISI). In(More)
In order for adaptive filter design to achieve optimum performance, the latency around the loop needs to be exactly designed for each targeted data rates. Due to unforeseen parasitic effects, latency has been major design issues for adaptive filters design with decision feedback topologies. In this paper, a digitally controlled adjustable delay line IC is(More)
To My Family iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A long journey of formal education has come to a close and this is a good time to acknowledge the contributions that others have made toward my education. First, I would like to thank my advisor, Professor Joy Laskar for his encouragement, guidance and support during my five years in graduate school. His insight, suggestions(More)
The history of water supply and distribution is as old as the history of civilization. In the present society, water supply system has become an important and necessary element. It also gives an indication of level of advancement of society. Water Distribution Network (WDN) is an important component of water supply system which contributes to nearly 70% of(More)
This is dedicated to my family and loved ones iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It almost seemed like this would never be written and that a Ph.D. was out of reach. It has been a long and winding road and I would not have reached such a goal without the help of many people. their support and time. I would like to acknowledge all the wonderful members of the Microwave(More)