Soumitra Ghosh

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Data preprocessing including proper normalization and adequate quality control before complex data mining is crucial for studies using the cDNA microarray technology. We have developed a simple procedure that integrates data filtering and normalization with quantitative quality control of microarray experiments. Previously we have shown that data(More)
We have developed a sequential set of computational screens that may prove useful for evaluating analyte sets for their ability to accurately report on metabolic fluxes. The methodology is problem-centric in that the screens are used in the context of a particular metabolic engineering problem. That is, flux bounds and alternative flux routings are first(More)
Various approaches have been described to infer the gene interaction network from expression data. Several models based on computational and mathematical methods are available. The fundamental thing in the identification of the gene interaction is their biological relevance. Two genes belonging to the same pathway are more likely to affect the expression of(More)
In this study we investigate the correlation between the normal variation of gene expressions and their ontologies. Three sets of time-series microarray data are utilized that represent three different but typical physiological/developmental processes. We analyze the dynamic range and the variation of expression levels during these processes for genes in(More)
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