Soumitra Das

Arjun Kartha2
Sumesh Thoppil Purushothaman1
Badr Ratnakaran1
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The results of the companion paper on the behavior of continuous-time recurrent neural networks (RNN) are specialized to the discrete-time (so-called time-lagged recurrent) case. Uniform boundedness of the first and second moment sequences of the trajectory is established. For practical design purposes, estimates and bounds on the bias and variance(More)
Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome is a combined vocal and multiple motor tic disorder. Here, we present a case of Tourette's syndrome who attended our psychiatric causality with severe depression and suicidal ideation. On reviewing follow-up records of 23 years, we come to know about the academic decline and nicotine dependence in the early childhood. He(More)
Hypopituitarism can present with psychiatric symptoms. We report a unique case of psychosis in clear consciousness in a case of hypopituitarism due to the secondary empty sella syndrome following a Russell's viper bite which was untreated and presented with psychotic symptoms for past 13 years following the snake bite. After the diagnosis of psychosis due(More)
The classical stochastic analog of the deterministic linear system in engineering is the linear system driven by white noise. This model is the basis of many important engineering methodologies in stochastic control, system identification, and signal estimation, and classification. As the promise of artificial neural networks in modeling nonlinear systems(More)
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