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The challenges for the tracking detector systems at the LHC are unprecedented in terms of the number of channels, the required read-out speed and the expected radiation levels. The ATLAS Semiconductor Tracker (SCT) end-caps have a total of about 3 million electronics channels each reading out every 25 ns into its own on-chip 3:3 ms buffer. The highest(More)
The feasibility of adopting a consistent approach to the expression of uncertainties relating to identification is discussed. It is argued that qualitative analysis can be viewed as a classification problem, that it is at least as important as quantitative analysis and that inferences drawn from qualitative tests should take relevant uncertainties into(More)
The Medical College of Georgia's radiology department has developed computer software that helps the department manage its radiology equipment insurance program. By providing clear menus and choice boxes instead of manual typing wherever possible, the software minimizes the time spent on data entry and management functions. In addition, the software helps(More)
Next to personnel services, equipment maintenance is the second largest budgetary expense in large radiology departments. Because they are under constant pressure to contain costs, radiology administrators spend considerable time negotiating the best service at the lowest cost. Today, administrators have several options for imaging equipment maintenance:(More)
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