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Examination of the records of 12 hospitals from the five districts of Orissa showed that 50,987 dogs were presented for treatment during the period of 5 years covering 1987-1988 to 1991-1992. Demodicosis was detected in 1697 (3%) cases. There was no difference in the occurrence of the disease in male (51%) and female (49%) dogs. The disease was recorded in(More)
This paper is an extensive survey of literature on complex network communities and clustering. Complex networks describe a widespread variety of systems in nature and society especially systems composed by a large number of highly interconnected dynamical entities. Complex networks like real networks can also have community structure. There are several(More)
Environmental concerns regarding the potential contamination of soil, surface and ground water due to the presence of soluble metal species in the ash pond leachate is of great importance. Serial batch leaching was carried out simulating the rainwater condition of the study area to understand the behaviour of elements during leaching. The leachates were(More)
The importance of the use of potassium in agriculture is increasing in South Asia for making most productive use of the nutrient in terms of economic returns. Nutrient supply traditionally by cattle manure is constrained by its insufficient availability. Municipal waste compost may be an alternative source of nutrient supplements. Field experiments were(More)
Effect of addition of municipal solid waste compost (MSWC) on chromium (Cr) content of submerged rice paddies was studied. Experiments were conducted during the three consecutive wet seasons from 1997 to 1999 on rice grown under submergence, at the Experimental Farm of Calcutta University, India. A sequential extraction method was used to determine the(More)
Effect of addition of municipal solid waste compost (MSWC) on cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) contents of submerged rice paddies were studied. A sequential extraction method was used to determine the metal (Co and Ni) fractions in MSWC and cow dung manure (CDM). Both metals were significantly bound to the organic matter and Fe and Mn oxides in MSWC and CDM.(More)