Soumen Karmakar

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  • I. Banerjee, N Joshi, +8 authors A. Das
  • IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  • 2006
Investigations using in situ precursor spectroscopy during the growth of nanoparticles of iron oxide by thermal plasma induced gas phase condensation method have been shown to be useful for correlating the size of nanoparticles with existing plasma parameters. The relative abundance of ionized Fe species inside the plasma plume is seen to directly establish(More)
Recent studies have shown that use of direct current arc plasma jet is a promising technique for bulk generation of nanostructures. This paper presents a dynamical study on such systems during the synthesis and attempts to correlate the role of inherent arc fluctuations on the properties of nanostructures produced. Different fluctuations detected during the(More)
  • I. Banerjee, N Joshi, +7 authors A. Das
  • IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  • 2006
The growth process of nanoparticles and nanowires of AlN by thermal-plasma-assisted gas phase condensation reaction has been investigated by optical emission spectroscopy. The concentrations of the reacting precursors in the plasma have been correlated to the crystalline phases of nanoparticles of AlN found from X-ray diffraction analysis. The size and(More)
High-frequency deflection (HFD) technique with a delayed coincidence single photon counting arrangement is an efficient technique for radiative lifetime measurement. An apparatus for measurement of the radiative lifetime of atoms and molecules has been developed in our laboratory and measurements have been performed with great success in a large number of(More)
An efficient modified arc plasma method, where a focusing electric field is superimposed on the arc electric field, is optimized for the bulk generation of highly pure multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs). Raman spectroscopy and thermogravimetric measurements have been used to optimize the process. It was found that, at the optimized focusing field(More)
We study the physical features of a class of exact solutions for cold compact anisotropic stars. The effect of pressure anisotropy on the maximum mass and surface redshift is analysed in the Vaidya-Tikekar model. It is shown that maximum compactness, redshift and mass increase in the presence of anisotropic pressures; numerical values are generated which(More)
We, herein, report the antimicrobial properties of uncapped silver nanoparticles for a Gram positive model organism, Bacillus subtilis. Uncapped silver nanoparticles have been prepared using less-explored DC arc thermal plasma technique by considering its large scale generation capability. It is observed that the resultant nanoparticles show size as well as(More)
Measurements of axial temperature and electron density have been carried out for Ar-H<sub>2</sub> dc transferred arc-plasma columns under varying ambient-pressure conditions (100-760 torr). Optical emission spectroscopy has been used as the diagnostic tool. Temperature was determined by the relative intensity method using atomic hydrogen lines. The(More)
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