Soumen K. Maiti

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The high entropy alloy containing refractory metals Mo-Nb-Ta-W has a body centered cubic structure, which is not surprising given the complete mutual solubility in BCC solid solutions of all pairs of the constituent elements. However, first principles total energy calculations for the binaries reveal a set of distinct energy minimizing structures implying(More)
The metabolic reaction rate vector is a bridge that links gene and protein expression alterations to the phenotypic endpoint. We present a simple approach for the estimation of flux distribution at key branch points in the metabolic network by using substrate uptake, metabolite secretion rate, and biomass growth rate for transketolase (tkt) deficient(More)
Compound (+)-R,R-D-84 is an optically active trans-hydroxy-substituted derivative of 4-(2-benzhydryloxy-ethyl)-1-(4-fluorobenzyl)piperidine (D-164). As a hydroxypiperidine analog of GBR 12935, (+)-R,R-D-84 is a candidate dopamine transporter compound for the treatment of cocaine dependence. The present work addresses the functional activity of (+)-R,R-D-84(More)
In this work we study the Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) via Bloch Surface Waves (BSWs) in a dielectric multi-layered structure. When the pump beam is resonantly coupled to the BSW, our results demonstrate a lower bound for the SERS-enhancement of about 50. A photo-luminescence (PL) experiment performed on the same structure shows an emission(More)
A three dimensional field emitter comprising hierarchical nanostructures of graphene over flexible fabric substrate is presented. The nanostructuring is realized through plasma treatment of graphene, coaxially deposited over individual carbon fiber by means of simple aqueous phase electrophoretic deposition technique. Hierarchical graphene nanocone, acting(More)
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