Soumen K. Maiti

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The metabolic reaction rate vector is a bridge that links gene and protein expression alterations to the phenotypic endpoint. We present a simple approach for the estimation of flux distribution at key branch points in the metabolic network by using substrate uptake, metabolite secretion rate, and biomass growth rate for transketolase (tkt) deficient(More)
Compound (+)-R,R-D-84 is an optically active trans-hydroxy-substituted derivative of 4-(2-benzhydryloxy-ethyl)-1-(4-fluorobenzyl)piperidine (D-164). As a hydroxypiperidine analog of GBR 12935, (+)-R,R-D-84 is a candidate dopamine transporter compound for the treatment of cocaine dependence. The present work addresses the functional activity of (+)-R,R-D-84(More)
Deep drawing is a widely used sheet metal forming technique, and its successful implementation has been a subject of research since many years. It has undergone many developments, one of the important ones being the application of numerical modeling techniques, like the finite element method (FEM) to simulate the process. Although deep drawing has been a(More)
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