Soumaya Slimani

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Abstract-the existing distributed ontology evolutionapproaches are not scaled to dynamic environments likeSemantic service architecture (SSOA). As the SSOA-basedsystem grows in size, the complexity of ontology changemanagement increases, especially if the services ontologies areheterogeneous. In this paper, a novel agent-based ontologyevolution framework is(More)
Communication between services requires a common vocabulary to allow reliable exchange of information. However services are evolving independently and their ontologies evolve too. The existing distributed ontology evolution approaches are not scaled to dynamic environments like Semantic Web service architecture. As the distributed system grows in size, the(More)
Interconnecting services is a complex task. A part of the complexity comes from the need to have a common, shared view of the information, ontology. Thus, there is a need for approaches that help to overcome the differences between service ontologies, and to manage the possible future evolution of the ontologies. The approach proposed in this paper provides(More)
Numerous ontologies have been developed for life science domains. These ontologies are continuously changing. Thus, it is becoming important to study and to manage these changes in order to keep all dependent ontologies and their related mappings consistent. The aim of this paper is to propose an agent based approach enabling not only ontology and ontology(More)
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