Soumaya Marzouk

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This paper presents a flexible, portable, and transparent solution for strong mobility of composed Web services relying on policy-oriented techniques. The proposed approach provides a checkpoint solution based on automatic code instrumentation using correct source code transformation rules. This checkpoint technique permits to save the execution state of a(More)
Cloud computing systems are rapidly growing in scale and complexity. They are also changing dynamically as a result of dynamic addition and removal of system components, different execution environments, common updates and upgrades, runtime repairs, mobility of devices and more. Such large-scale, complex and dynamic cloud environments are prone to failures(More)
We present in this paper a generic approach for process transformation into strong mobile entity. Our approach is based on processes Serialisation using source code transformation, which generates the source code of a strong mobile process. Our approach is suitable for transforming distributed applications into mobile applications where every process can be(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of strong mobility of orchestrated Web services. In particular, we focus on the case where the partner Web services are also orchestrated. For such services, we employ an Aspect oriented approach based on checkpoint/rollback mechanisms which enables the orchestration process to migrate to another host and resume its(More)
Web Services are built on service-oriented architecture which is based on the notion of building applications by discovering and orchestrating services available on the web. Complex business processes can be realized by discovering and orchestrating already available services on the web. In order to make these orchestrated web services resilient to faults,(More)