Soumadip Ghosh

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In general frequent itemsets are generated from large data sets by applying association rule mining algorithms like Apriori, Partition, Pincer-Search, Incremental, Border algorithm etc., which take too much computer time to compute all the frequent itemsets. By using Genetic Algorithm (GA) we can improve the scenario. The major advantage of using GA in the(More)
Weather Data Mining is a form of Data mining concerned with finding hidden patterns inside largely available meteorological data, so that the information retrieved can be transformed into usable knowledge. A variety of data mining tools and techniques are available in the industry, but they have been used in a very limited way for meteorological data. In(More)
In this paper, we propose a neuro-fuzzy (NF) classification technique to determine various soil classes from large imagery soil databases. The technique looks at the feature-wise degree of belongings of the imagery databases to obtainable soil classes using a fuzzification method. The fuzzification method builds a membership matrix with an element count(More)
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