Souleymane Sarr

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Intestinal schistosomiasis has never been reported in the delta of the Senegal River Basin. A year and a half after the Diama dam became operational, a first case of Schistosoma mansoni infection was detected at Richard-Toll. In 1988 and 1989, 1,935 stool examinations out of a sample of 3,926 were found positive for S. mansoni. The progression of positive(More)
Several field experiments were carried out in Senegal to evaluate the molluscicidal activity of Ambrosia maritima L. Applications of 400 mg L-1 of dry leaves of the plant in creeks of the Lampsar river did result in a reduction of Bulinus spp of 54-56% 2 weeks after treatment. Treatment of a closed irrigation canal caused a reduction of the density of(More)
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