Souleymane Oumtanaga

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Efficient reconfiguration of optical multicast trees in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks is required. Multimedia applications which consume a huge bandwidth, require multicasting. So, multicast concept is extended to optical networks to improve performance. Today, networks are facing many phenomena such as changes in the traffic model,(More)
Today, operators use reconfiguration to improve the performance of connection oriented networks. In our previous work, we studied tree reconfiguration without data flow interruption in wavelength division multiplexing optical networks. In our previous approach, the available resources of the network (wavelengths) are not considered as limited. In this work,(More)
In a wireless sensor network, eliminating redundancies in area coverage in the deployment zone represents a major challenge where the stake is its lifetime increase. Current works dealing with this topic use different deterministic or probabilistic techniques for nodes redundancies check. In this paper, we propose a quasi-quadratic time distributed(More)
In this paper, we describe a model of conceptual indexation adapted to the RDFS structured resources. The process of the structured IR (Information Research) in XML corpus, based on the balancing of a document terms improves the IR. However, silence in the resources return remains a concern. Operating a weak ontology described by RDFS can improve the(More)
Dynamic spectrum access is a promising technique to use spectrum efficiently. Without being restricted to any prefixed spectrum bands, nodes choose operating spectrum on demand. Such flexibility, however, makes efficient and fair spectrum access in large scale networks great challenge. This paper presents a dynamic spectrum access decentralized approach.(More)
The DNSsec protocol constitutes one of the solutions of DNS architecture's security. Unlike the other solutions, it represents an extension of the standard DNS. However its deployment is not without difficulty. In this work, we emphasize some problems involved in the progressive deployment of DNSsec, with the inherent risks in the use of public key(More)
—Internet is without any doubt the fastest and effective mean of communication making it possible to reach a great number of people in the world. It draws its base from exchange points. Indeed exchange points are used to interconnect various Internet suppliers and operators in order to allow them to exchange traffic and it is with these interconnections(More)
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