Soukayna Ghandour-Haidar

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This letter deals with the estimation of a flat fading Rayleigh channel with Jakes's spectrum. The channel is approximated by a first-order autoregressive (AR(1)) model and tracked by a Kalman Filter (KF). The common method used in the literature to estimate the parameter of the AR(1) model is based on a Correlation Matching (CM) criterion. However, for(More)
—This paper deals with channel estimation over flat fading Rayleigh channel with Jakes' Doppler Spectrum. Many estimation algorithms exploit the time-domain correlation of the channel by employing a Kalman filter based on a first-order (or sometimes second-order) approximation of the time-varying channel with a criterion based on correlation matching (CM),(More)
—This paper deals with the estimation of the Amplify-and-Forward channel. Considering two widely accepted Rayleigh links with Jakes' spectrum, a first-order autoregressive model AR(1) is used to approximate the cascade of both links. A standard estimation algorithm is the Kalman filter. In this paper, we keep the choice of the AR(1)-Kalman filter, but we(More)
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