Souichi Nishihara

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Human Lats2, a novel serine/threonine kinase, is a member of the Lats kinase family that includes the Drosophila tumour suppressor lats/warts. Lats1, a counterpart of Lats2, is phosphorylated in mitosis and localized to the mitotic apparatus. However, the regulation, function and intracellular distribution of Lats2 remain unclear. Here, we show that Lats2(More)
Tumor suppressor Lats2 is a member of the conserved Dbf2 kinase family. It localizes to the centrosome and has been implicated in regulation of the cell cycle and apoptosis. However, the in vivo function of this kinase remains unclear. Here, we show that complete disruption of the gene encoding Lats2 in mice causes developmental defects in the nervous(More)
Genomic imprinting, the phenomenon in which alleles of genes are expressed differentially depending on their parental origins, has important consequences for mammalian development, and disturbance of normal imprinting leads to abnormal embryogenesis and some inherited diseases and is also associated with various cancers. In the context of screening for(More)
In order to examine their roles in carcinogenesis or in progression of colorectal carcinoma, we investigated telomerase activity and microsatellite instability in 67 non-familial colorectal cancers and in 18 adenomas. The incidence of detectable telomerase activity increased from 22% of normal colorectal mucosas adjacent to carcinoma, and 33% of adenomas,(More)
Disrupted imprinting is implicated in certain tumorigenesis. Since aberrant methylation has been described for a majority of microsatellite instability (MSI)-positive sporadic colorectal cancers, we have investigated alteration to the imprinting in 55 sporadic colorectal cancers with or without MSI. Loss of imprinting (LOI) of IGF2 and PEG1/MEST was(More)
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