Souham Meshoul

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In this paper, a quantum-inspired differential evolution algorithm for solving the N-queens problem is presented. The N-queens problem aims at placing N queens on an NxN chessboard, in such a way that no queen could capture any of the others. The proposed algorithm is a novel hybridization between differential evolution algorithms and quantum computing(More)
The advent of new technologies enables capturing the dynamic of a signature. This has opened a new perspective for the possible use of signatures as a basis for an authentication system that is accurate and trustworthy enough to be integrated in practical applications. Automatic online signature recognition and verification is one of the biometric(More)
For a point-based image registration method, point matching is a hard and a computationally intensive task to handle especially when issues of noisy and outlying data have to be considered. In this paper we cast the problem as a combinatorial optimization task and we describe a global optimization method to achieve robust point matching and pose estimation(More)
The rapid advancements in communication, networking and mobility have entailed an urgency to further develop basic biometric capabilities to face security challenges. Online signature authentication is increasingly gaining interest thanks to the advent of high quality signature devices. In this paper, we propose a new approach for automatic authentication(More)