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We discuss boundary value problems for Riemann–Liouville fractional differential equations with certain fractional integral boundary conditions. Such boundary conditions are different from the widely considered pointwise conditions in the sense that they allow solutions to have singularities, and different from other conditions given by integrals with a(More)
30 b 0 = plT new ; b , and q 0 = plT new ; v. We n o w construct ZST T 0 for S by cutting oo the subtree of T rooted at q and replacing it with T new minus the edge between q and z. Since t LD T 0 ; q = dq;s i , it must be that t LD T 0 ; q t LD T;q. If the strict inequality h o l d s , w e add extra wire between q and q 0 to enforce equality, and thereby(More)
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