Sougata Banerjee

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BACKGROUND The clinical characteristics of Tourette syndrome (TS) present challenges for the systematic determination of whether individuals are affected and severity. Vocal and motor tics wax and wane, decrease over time, and may be voluntarily suppressible, and therefore may be absent at interview. Current instruments measure symptoms at interview or rate(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric clinics have high non-attendance rates and failure to attend may be a sign of deteriorating mental health. AIMS To investigate why psychiatric out-patients fail to attend, and the outcome of attenders and non-attenders. METHOD Prospective cohort study of randomly selected attenders and non-attenders at general adult psychiatric(More)
This study's aim was to estimate the prevalence and describe the clinical characteristics of Tourette syndrome (TS) in 13-14-year-old schoolchildren attending mainstream secondary schools. A three-stage ascertainment procedure was used to identify those who had TS. First, all 1012 Year 9 pupils were screened for tics using validated self-report(More)
OBJECTIVE This study explored in detail the association between tic symptomatology, related clinical variables, and psychopathology in 91 consecutive adult TS subjects from a UK clinic. METHODS Consecutive patients from a specialized Tourette clinic who met the DSM-III criteria for TS were evaluated using standardized rating scales for Tourette syndrome(More)
The aim of this study was to ascertain accurately the prevalence of Tourette syndrome (TS) in a mainstream school population. All year 9 pupils (aged 13 to 14 years) in a mainstream secondary school were investigated using a two-stage procedure. Standardized questionnaires were completed by parents, teachers, and pupils. Class observations were also carried(More)
BACKGROUND Contracting in psychiatric services from the NHS into prisons has been advocated to improve the care of the mentally disordered in custody. The Belmarsh Scheme is such a service. METHOD A prospective study investigating the characteristics of a six-month cohort of remand prisoners requiring transfer to hospital and evaluating the service's(More)
BACKGROUND Some specialists associate a wide variety of psychopathologies with Tourette's syndrome (TS), while others suggest that there is no psychopathology specifically associated. Few controlled studies have been conducted to address this issue, and none has investigated personality disorder in TS. METHOD Adults with TS and controls were evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND What should happen when an outpatient fails to attend a psychiatric clinic? Guidelines from the General Medical Services Committee suggest that general practitioners (GPs) have no further responsibility of care for a patient once a referral to a psychiatrist has been made. This raises questions about the formulation of effective management plans(More)
The Indian retail space is seeing a clutter of competitive retail brands today and the customers are becoming more fragmented in their specifications and choices. The marketing environment is becoming more challenging to the retailers and the brand owners. In this context, this study attempts to formulate a discriminant equation on the basis of some(More)
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