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Fuel flexibility, stability and emissions in premixed hydrogen-rich gas turbine combustion: Technology, fundamentals, and numerical simulations
The objective of this paper is to review the progress made in understanding the effects of fuel composition on premixed gas turbine combustion, with a special emphasis on system stability andExpand
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Thermo-acoustic instabilities in lean premixed swirl-stabilized combustion and their link to acoustically coupled and decoupled flame macrostructures
Abstract We investigate the onset of thermo-acoustic instabilities and their link to the mean flame configurations – or macrostructures – under acoustically coupled and decoupled conditions.Expand
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Turbulent flame stabilization modes in premixed swirl combustion: Physical mechanism and Karlovitz number-based criterion
Abstract Modern low-emission, lean premixed gas turbine combustion systems often rely on confined swirling flows associated with sudden expansions to enhance flame anchoring. Through theExpand
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Impact of fuel and oxidizer composition on premixed flame stabilization in turbulent swirling flows : dynamics and scaling
The world relies on fossil fuels as its main energy source (86.7% in 1973, 81.7% in 2012 1). Several factors including the abundance of resources and the existing infrastructure suggest that this isExpand
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Flame macrostructures, combustion instability and extinction strain scaling in swirl-stabilized premixed CH4/H2 combustion
Abstract In this paper, we report results from an experimental investigation on transitions in the average flame shape (or microstructure) under acoustically coupled and uncoupled conditions in a 50Expand
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The structure of swirl-stabilized turbulent premixed CH4/air and CH4/O2/CO2 flames and mechanisms of intense burning of oxy-flames
Abstract The objective of this work is to examine the structure of lean turbulent premixed CH 4 /air (air-flames) and CH 4 /O 2 /CO 2 (oxy-flames) in a swirl-stabilized combustor at the large (macro)Expand
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Transition From a Single to a Double Flame Structure in Swirling Reacting Flows: Mechanism, Dynamics, and Effect of Thermal Boundary Conditions
We examine experimentally the transition from a single flame stabilized along the inner shear layer (ISL) to a double flame stabilized along both the inner and the outer shear layers (OSL) andExpand
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Helical vortex core dynamics and flame interaction in turbulent premixed swirl combustion: A combined experimental and large eddy simulation investigation
In this study, a combined experimental and Large Eddy Simulation (LES) investigation is performed to identify the vortical structures, their dynamics, and interaction with a turbulent premixed flameExpand
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