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Timed Alternating Finite Automata (TAFA), a natural generalization of Timed Finite Automata (TFA), are synchronous and powerful models for real-time computations. They become an effective and expressive model for developing embedded systems with real-time constraint computations which are required in many applications. We introduce Deterministic Timed(More)
In distributed multimedia applications time-dependent data streams are conveyed and processed under real-time conditions. The timely accurate activation of the stream handlers processing the data units of streams requires deriving their scheduling times from the temporal properties of the data streams and the amount of data that is processed in each(More)
Document clustering has many uses in natural language tools and applications. For instance, summarizing sets of documents that all describe the same event requires first identifying and grouping those documents talking about the same event. Document clustering involves dividing a set of documents into non-overlapping clusters. In this paper, we present two(More)
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