Soufiane Noureddine

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In distributed multimedia applications time-dependent data streams are conveyed and processed under real-time conditions. The timely accurate activation of the stream handlers processing the data units of streams requires deriving their scheduling times from the temporal properties of the data streams and the amount of data that is processed in each(More)
Timed Alternating Finite Automata (TAFA), a natural generalization of Timed Finite Automata (TFA), are synchronous and powerful models for real-time computations. They become an effective and expressive model for developing embedded systems with real-time constraint computations which are required in many applications. We introduce Deterministic Timed(More)
Recent developments in operating systems research have favoured the micro-kernel concept. Modularity and portability have been among the key objectives in this contezt. Ezamples of two micro-kernel-based distributed operating system architectures are Chorus and Mach. This paper ezplores the architectural and implementational issues involved in constructing(More)
Testing and Web-Based Systems An Agent for Web-Based Process Management p. 62 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design of Web-Based Information Systems p. 68 Synthesis of High-Level Requirements Models for Automatic Test Generation p. 76 Coverage Based Test-Case Generation Using Model Checkers p. 83 Real-Time Toward a Real-Time Event Flow Architecture Style p.(More)
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