Soufian Ben Amor

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Electricity has become a vital part of the modern life. Ever increasing electricity demand and inefficiency of the old electricity grid have led to the new vision which is called smart grid. Since, much work has been done to study the different aspects of the smart grid using computer and mathematical models. However little is done to combine those efforts(More)
RESUME Dans cet article, nous proposons une modélisation de la pollution aérienne dans une zone urbaine. On a développé un modèle prétopologique stochastique spatial pour appréhender ce problème de pollution aérienne. Nous présentons les propriétés principales de ce modèle et leurs interprétations en terme de pollution. Nous terminons par une discussion sur(More)
Smart Grid is a vague concept with little theoretical studies. We propose in this paper a state of the art on Smart Grids to clarify the concept and identify the important issues. This term refers to an electrical network integrating the behavior and actions of users. It uses new information and communication technologies and new services combining:(More)
The eigenvalue equation intervenes in models of infectious disease propagation and could be used as an ally of vaccination campaigns in the actions carried out by health care organizations. The stochastic model based on Page Rank allows to simulate the epidemic spread, where a Like-like infection vector is calculated to help establish efficient vaccination(More)
— We propose in this paper a generalization of perco-lation processes in Z 2 using the pretopology theory. We formalize the notion of neighborhood by extending it to the concept of proximity, expressing different types of connections that may exist between the elements of a population. A modeling and simulation of forest fire using this approach shows the(More)
—In this paper we present a mathematical formulation of hierarchical systems based on graphs. In particular we are interested in the mathematical theory of integrative physiology (MTIP) developed by Gilbert Chauvet, which describes biological structures and their functioning as a combination of hierarchical structures (synapses, neurones, neural network)(More)