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Security of telemedicine applications is not often given adequate importance by the developers and healthcare administrators primarily to reduce cost. Though some security safeguards are employed by these applications to comply with existing medical data security and privacy regulations, these are not adequate in todaypsilas context. Moreover, in a(More)
updation of the same at the point of patient care is of immense importance. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) can be a promising information delivery tool to achieve this. We have developed a wireless telemedicine system, which supports medical data access using PDA. The system uses the database of Web Based TelemediK System (developed at IIT Kharagpur).(More)
HIV infection is one of the major health problems in today's world, especially in a developing country like India. The impact of HIV on the pediatric population is no less dreadful. Pediatric HIV is a subset of HIV which requires special attention. Efficient information management is one of the key issues in pediatric HIV treatment. Electronic Health Record(More)
(1) Abstract-In the recent times, there has been considerable effort towards developing an effective and widely informative patient health record system. To meet this objective, diversified groups working on medical informatics have made concerted attempt to bind biomedical knowledge base with patient health data. This approach necessitates a strong need to(More)
In this paper, we introduce a Concept Graph Engine (CG-Engine) that generates patient specific personalized disease ranking based on the laboratory test data. CG-Engine uses the Unified Medical Language System database as medical knowledge base. The CG-Engine consists of two concepts namely, a concept graph and its attributes. The concept graph is a two(More)
In recent years, handheld devices have shown great impact in improving the quality of care by offering anytime, anywhere access to clinical information and at the same time by providing data capture facility in limited infrastructure. To see such potential of handheld devices in healthcare, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with mobile interface has(More)
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