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Due to different concerns, renewable energies stand out as an opportunity for a sustainable future. Wind/ Photovoltaic Hybrid Systems are one important type of renewable energy power systems. In order to increase renewable energies integration rate, this chapter proposes a utility interactive grid-connected wind-PV hybrid system with storage batteries.(More)
As a perspective to ensure the voltage and frequency electrical network stability, the load shedding constitutes a desirable action to maintain the network service quality and to control its vulnerability. In this paper, we propose a new intelligent load shedding strategy applying fuzzy control algorithms. This strategy is based on the estimate, in real(More)
We consider the dynamic EEG source localization problem with additional constraints on the expected value of the state. In dynamic EEG source localization, the brain sources, also called dipoles, are not stationary but vary over time. Moreover, given our specific EEG experiment, we expect the dipoles to be located within a certain area of the brain (here,(More)
This paper presents control strategies for the integration of a grid-connected wind-photovoltaic hybrid system via adaptation converters connected to a common DC bus. For both wind and solar system, adequate control algorithms have been implemented for the maximum power extraction. The grid side converter has been connected to the point of common coupling(More)
Solving the Unit Commitment problem (UCP) optimizes the combination of production units operations and determines the appropriate operational scheduling of each production units to satisfy the expected consumption which varies from one day to one month. Besides, each production unit is conducted to constraints that render this problem complex, combinatorial(More)
The excessive increase in the number of subscribers in the electrical grid requires a flexible control of this electrical network and a better reliability of the offered power quality. Thus, several defense plans are omnipresent to ensure stability, continuity of service and to overcome some disturbances which can affect the electrical grid. In this(More)