Souad Chebbi

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We consider the dynamic EEG source localization problem with additional constraints on the expected value of the state. In dynamic EEG source localization, the brain sources, also called dipoles, are not stationary but vary over time. Moreover, given our specific EEG experiment, we expect the dipoles to be located within a certain area of the brain (here,(More)
The tracking is an application of computer vision has grown remarkably over the last two decades. By tracking, exist a set of algorithms that provide detecting and tracking objects in a video sequence. It then touches several areas, such as video surveillance biometric or biomedical imaging, the human-machine interaction, traffic control and intelligent(More)
The dynamic and static performance of the Shunt Active Filter depends strongly on adopted control methods. This paper deals with Virtual Flux Based Direct Power Control Methods for Shunt Active. Two commonly used VF-DPC algorithms (Fuzzy-DPC and classical DPC) are presented and discussed with respect to the resulting switching frequency, the harmonics(More)
As a perspective to ensure the voltage and frequency electrical network stability, the load shedding constitutes a desirable action to maintain the network service quality and to control its vulnerability. In this paper, we propose a new intelligent load shedding strategy applying fuzzy control algorithms. This strategy is based on the estimate, in real(More)
The excessive increase in the number of subscribers in the electrical grid requires a flexible control of this electrical network and a better reliability of the offered power quality. Thus, several defense plans are omnipresent to ensure stability, continuity of service and to overcome some disturbances which can affect the electrical grid. In this(More)
The main issues in security assessment are the fast identification of the set of critical contingencies and their evaluation related to the severity level. This paper presents a simple heuristic method that can identify each state of the system and classify the contingencies in order of severity. Considering the multiple faults which can affect the margin(More)
Despite its many advantages, the conventional direct power control (DPC) of shunt active power filters (SAPF) poses some problems. This paper investigates the design of a new control technical combining DPC control and passivity theory (PT) to ensure quasi-sinusoidal grid currents, under various conditions of the source voltages. The proposed approach(More)
As a perspective to ensure the power system stability and to avoid the vulnerability leading to the blackouts, several preventive and curative means are adopted. In order to avoid the voltage collapse, load shedding schemes represent a suitable action to maintain the power system service quality and to control its vulnerability. In this paper, we try to(More)