Sotiris P. Christodoulou

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In this paper we propose and study a framework for evaluating Hypermedia Application Development and Management Systems (HADMS) in relation to specific application requirements. We address the need for HADMS capable to efficiently support the main users involved in the life cycle of hypermedia applications, namely designers, programmers/implementers,(More)
For web programmers, it is important to choose the proper JavaScript framework that not only serves their current web project needs, but also provides code of high quality and good performance. The scope of this work is to provide a thorough quality and performance evaluation of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, taking into account well established(More)
Dynacargo, a research project under implementation, aims to change supply chain management, as the hauled goods are at the center of attention instead of vehicles, as in traditional management approaches. At the same time Dynacargo manages both delivery and collection cycles. Dynacargo aims at developing a near real-time monitoring system that monitors and(More)
Dynacargo is an ongoing research project that introduces a breakthrough approach for cargo management systems, as it places the hauled cargos in the center of a haulage information management system, instead of the vehicle. Dynacargo attempts to manage both distribution and collection processes, providing an integrated approach. This paper presents the(More)
In this paper, we present HyperSea, an environment for importing, organizing and interacting with web 2.0 content. The environment is based mainly on previous research on hypertext systems, spatial hypertext and it tries to overcome presentation limitations of today's popular web 2.0 applications. Content is structured as islands and nodes which may be(More)
This paper addresses the issues of evolving large-scale WWW sites, in order to migrate to more flexible forms of developing and managing content and applications. We first present an integrated process model for the life-cycle of a WWW site. Next, we focus on specific steps of this model to (i) examine a layered, next-generation architecture for large WWW(More)