Sotiris K. Tasoulis

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Efficient index structures for fast approximate nearest neighbor queries are required in many applications such as recommendation systems. In high-dimensional spaces, many conventional methods suffer from excessive usage of memory and slow response times. We propose a method where multiple random projection trees are combined by a novel voting scheme. The(More)
Recent data revolution in population genomics for bacteria has increased the size of aligned sequence data sets by two-to-three orders of magnitude. This trend is expected to continue in the near future, putting an emphasis on applicability of big data techniques to leverage biologically important insights. Moreover, with the increasing density of sampling,(More)
Computer vision-based diagnosis systems have been widely used in dermatology, aiming at the early detection of skin cancer and more specifically the recognition of malignant melanoma tumor. This paper proposes a novel clustering technique for the characterization and categorization of pigmented skin lesions in dermatological images. Appropriate image(More)
The advances in improved fluorescent probes and better cameras in collaboration with the advent of computers in imaging and image analysis, assist the task of diagnosis in many fields of biologic and medical research. In this paper, we introduce a computer-assisted image characterization tool based on a Fuzzy clustering method for the quantification of(More)
The analysis of human motion data is interesting for the purpose of activity recognition or emergency event detection, especially in the case of elderly or disabled people living independently in their homes. Several techniques have been proposed for identifying such distress situations using either motion, audio or video sensors on the monitored subject(More)