Sotiris K. Ntouyas

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In this paper, we first present an impulsive version of Filippov's Theorem for first-order neutral functional differential inclusions of the form, d dt [y(t) − g(t, yt)] ∈ F (t, yt), y(t + k) − y(t − k) = I k (y(t − k)), k = 1,. .. , m, y(t) = φ(t), t ∈ [−r, 0], where J = [0, b], F is a set-valued map and g is a single-valued function. The functions I k(More)
This paper studies the existence of solutions for a system of coupled hybrid fractional differential equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions. We make use of the standard tools of the fixed point theory to establish the main results. The existence and uniqueness result is elaborated with the aid of an example.
In recent years, a remarkably large number of inequalities involving the fractional q-integral operators have been investigated in the literature by many authors. Here, we aim to present some new fractional integral inequalities involving generalized Erdélyi-Kober fractional q-integral operator due to Gaulué, whose special cases are shown to yield(More)