Sotiris Georganas

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I design and test a simple English auction and two English auctions with resale, but with di¤erent informational backgrounds. All three treatments theoretically have the same equilibrium. I …nd, however, that the possibility of resale alters behavior signi…cantly. In the two treatments with resale, subjects deviated from both the Nash prediction and the(More)
We present results from an experiment based on Hafalir and Krishna's (2008) model of auctions with resale. As predicted weak bidders bid more with resale than without, so that resale raises average auction prices. When the equilibrium calls for weak types to bid higher than their values with resale they do, but not nearly as much as the theory predicts.(More)
Levels-of-reasoning models have been used to interpret behavior in laboratory games. We test whether these models generate reliable cross-game testable predictions. Within one family of similar games subjects' observed levels are fairly consistent, but within another family of games there is virtually no cross-game correlation. Moreover , the relative(More)
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