Sotiris Athanaselis

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AH-7921 is a structurally unique synthetic opioid analgesic that has recently entered the drug arena in Europe, the USA, and Japan. Although it was synthesized and patented in the mid-1970s, it was first identified in a seized sample purchased via the Internet in July 2012 and formally brought to the attention of the European Union early warning system in(More)
Fonazepam (desmethylflunitrazepam) and nifoxipam (3-hydroxy-desmethylflunitrazepam) are benzodiazepine derivatives and active metabolites of flunitrazepam. They recently invaded the drug arena as substances of abuse and alerted the forensic community after being seized in powder and tablet forms in Europe between 2014 and 2016. A review of all the existing(More)
We read carefully the very interesting article by Jones et al. (1), which appears in the latest issue of the Journal. To our surprise, we realized that, during the determination of opiates in blood, although the described derivatization procedure involves BSTFA, the authors use, for their qualitative and quantitative analysis, mass fragments that correspond(More)
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