Sotirios Zogopoulos

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A new, configurable architecture has been designed and built in order to serve as a platform for experimentation with active networks. This architecture, named PLATO, provides 4 physical bi-directional connections for ATM networks, large reconfigurable resources, 256 Mbytes SDRAM for buffer space, a PCI port, and auxiliary expansion ports. Several(More)
An active, reconfigurable network node, named PLATO, has been designed and implemented. Version V.X1.0 was developed with a Xilinx Virtex XCV-1000 FPGA as a PCI board, with the capability of 256MBytes of SDRAM, 512KBytes of SRAM, and a UTOPIA level 2 based interface to 4 bidirectional 155 Mbps ATM links. This paper presents the implementation and testing of(More)
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