Sotirios Thomas

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A general principle called “conservation of the ellipsoid of concentration” is introduced and a generalized entropic form of order α is optimized under this principle. It is shown that this can produce a density which can act as a pathway to multivariate Gaussian density. The resulting entropic pathway contains as special cases the Boltzmann-Gibbs (Shannon)(More)
The values of the T and U moduli are studied for those ZN Coxeter orbifolds with the property that some of the twisted sectors have fixed planes for which the six-torus T6 can not be decomposed into a direct sum T2 ⊕ T4 with the fixed plane lying in T2. Such moduli in general transform under a subgroup of the modular group SL(2, Z). The moduli are(More)
Council President: J. W. Moyer President-Elect: B. J. Christ Vice President: J. L. Sherwood Immediate Past President: R. D. Martyn Secretary: D. T. Beadle Treasurer: R. C. Rowe Senior Councilor-at-Large: G. W. Moorman Intermediate Councilor-at-Large: M. J. Boehm Junior Councilor-at-Large: C. T. Bull Editor-in-Chief, APS PRESS: M. L. Daughtrey(More)
We describe the use of the animal model C. elegans to understand how the volatile anesthetics work at the molecular level. Mutations in several different genes can profoundly change the behavior of this animal under volatile anesthetics. Protein products of two of these genes are discussed. One gene is an integral membrane protein thought to regulate ion(More)
The revised guidelines on cholesterol of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (DCGP), which closely follow the consensus of the Dutch Institute for Health Care Improvement, provide thresholds for treatment with statins in patients with elevated risks for coronary heart disease (CHD): patients with a history of cardiovascular disease, with an annual(More)
In this paper, we focus on some of the scientiic data management problems faced by the Human Genome Project. In particular, we describe the design of an information model for the physical contig map assembly task. First, we present an object-oriented data schema that captures scientiic genomic data and their relationships required for this task, including(More)
Target space modular symmetries relevant to string loop threshold corrections are studied for ZN orbifold compactified string theories containing Wilson line background fields. Orbifold compactifications of string theory [1, 2] possess various moduli, which are background fields corresponding to marginal deformations of the underlying conformal field theory(More)
Atomic layer Epitaxy(ALE) of Si has been demonstrated by using remote He plasma low energy ion bombardment to desorb H from a H-passivated Si(100) surface at low temperatures and subsequently chemisorbing Si 2H6 on the surface in a self-limiting fashion. Si substrates were prepared using an RCA clean followed by a dilute HF dip to provide a clean,(More)