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—A companion analysis of clock jitter and phase noise of single-ended and differential ring oscillators is presented. The impulse sensitivity functions are used to derive expressions for the jitter and phase noise of ring oscillators. The effect of the number of stages, power dissipation, frequency of oscillation, and short-channel effects on the jitter and(More)
An analysis of the phase noise in differential and single-ended ring oscillators using a time-variant model is presented. An expression for the RMS value of the impulse sensitivity function (ISF) is derived. A closed-form equation for phase noise of ring oscillators is calculated and a lower limit on the phase noise of ring oscillators is shown. Phase noise(More)
Technology advances have made gigabit signal a viable and attractive. A method to design IEEE 1394 based 1GHz Phase Locked Loop (PLL) system as frequency synthesizer with Low Phase Noise is proposed. A complementary LC oscillator is used to generate the 1GHz oscillation frequency and is divided into lower frequency clock by the feedback frequency divider.(More)
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