Sotirios Koritsiadis

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BACKGROUND Adenomatoid tumors are regarded as distinctive benign mesothelial neoplasms of the paratesticular region, most commonly occuring at the tail of the epididymidis.Because of its rarity, the clinical and histopathological aspects are discussed. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of a 41-year-old patient with an adenomatoid tumour located in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapture of a renal angiomyolipoma and massive retroperitoneal hemorrhage, during pregnancy is rare and occasionally fatal. The association of this complication with pregnancy has been reported sporadically in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a 28 years old woman, in 33 week of her first pregnancy who came to our hospital(More)
We present a case of Fournier's gangrene disease in a young obese patient with coexistent B-lymphoma. It remains controversial if obesity constitutes a predisposing factor for an individual to develop necrotizing fasciitis. On the other hand, only few cases of patients with coexistence of B-lymphoma and Fournier's gangrene disease have been reported. A(More)
INTRODUCTION A burned-out seminoma of the testis is an exceptionally rare clinical entity, with few reports found in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION A case of burned-out tumor of the testis in a 31-year-old man is reported. The tumor presented as a retroperitoneal mass with histological characteristic of a seminoma. The testes on clinical examination(More)
INTRODUCTION Subcutaneous emphysema of the scrotum due to traumatic pneumothorax is a rare medical situation and only a few cases are reported in the literature. CASE REPORT We present the case of a 22 year old man who was admitted to the emergency department after a motorcycle accident having a painless crepitant scrotum and chest excoriations. Further(More)
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