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Many proteins have been shown to undergo conformational changes in response to externally applied force in vitro, but whether the force-induced protein conformational changes occur in vivo remains unclear. To reveal the force-induced conformational changes, or strains, within proteins in living cells, we have developed a genetically encoded fluorescent(More)
Actin filaments and microtubules are two major cytoskeletal systems involved in wide cellular processes, and the organizations of their filamentous networks are regulated by a large number of associated proteins. Recently, evidence has accumulated for the functional cooperation between the two filament systems via associated proteins. However, little is(More)
Movement generated by the myosin motor is generally thought to be driven by distortion of an elastic element within the myosin molecule and subsequent release of the resulting strain. However, the location of this elastic element in myosin remains unclear. The myosin motor domain consists of four major subdomains connected by flexible joints. The SH1 helix(More)