Sossio Vergara

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The famous Fourier theorem states that, under some restrictions, any periodic function (or real world signal) can be obtained as a sum of sinusoids, and hence, a technique exists for decomposing a signal into its sinusoidal components. From this theory an entire branch of research has flourished: from the Short-Time or Windowed Fourier Transform to the(More)
The generation of synthetic signals has been one of the first applications of computers. As a matter of fact the earliest electronic computers were analog and their output was, in effect, a signal. With the advent of digital electronic the initial method employed has been the application of the Fourier Theorem, generating signals as series of sinusoids, a(More)
In a previous paper (Vergara, S., On Generic Frequency Decomposition. Part 1: Vectorial Decomposition. Dig. Sig. Proc. Vol. 17 N. 2 2007) it was discussed the viability of functional analysis using as a basis a couple of generic functions, and hence vectorial decomposition. Here we complete the paradigm exploiting one of the analysis methodologies developed(More)
One of the most widely employed technique for the sound synthesis is based on the Fourier theorem that states that any signal can be obtained as a sum of sinusoids. Unfortunately this algorithm, when applied to synthesizers, requires some peculiar operations, as the addressing of a Look Up Table, that are not easily built-in in standard processors, thus(More)
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