Sosina Makonnen

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Diffuse optical methods were used to monitor two different therapies in K1735 malignant mouse melanoma tumor models: anti-vascular therapy and radiation therapy. Anti-vascular therapy induced acute variation in hemodynamic parameters within an hour, and radiation therapy induced longitudinal changes within 2 weeks. During anti-vascular therapy, the drug(More)
This study compared oxygen pressures (Po(2)), measured by oxygen-dependent quenching of phosphorescence, in the intravascular (blood plasma) space in the muscle with those in the interstitial (pericellular) space. Our hypothesis was that the capillary wall would not significantly impede oxygen diffusion from the blood plasma to the pericellular space. A new(More)
Selective cytokine inhibitory drugs (SelCIDs) are a novel class of phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors discovered during a thalidomide analog discovery program. These analogs were evaluated for their ability to inhibit tumor angiogenesis, vascularity, and growth. Two analogs (CC-7034 and CC-9088) were identified that had enhanced antiangiogenic activity in(More)
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