Soshu Kirihara

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Three-dimensional fractals called the Menger sponge, with a fractal dimension D=log(20/log(3, were fabricated from epoxy resin by stereolithography. Clear attenuation of both reflection and transmission intensity was observed at 12.8 GHz for a cubic specimen with an edge size of 27 mm that was constructed up to the third stage of the self-similar patterns.(More)
Micrometer order magnetophotonic crystals with periodic arranged metallic glass and oxide glass composite materials were fabricated by stereolithographic method to reflect electromagnetic waves in terahertz frequency ranges through Bragg diffraction. In the fabrication process, the photo sensitive acrylic resin paste mixed with micrometer sized metallic(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor (TNF-INH) was purified from human urine and it was composed of 161 amino acid residues. The complete amino acid sequence of TNF-INH found by sequence analysis agreed with that predicted from the cDNA structure for the extracellular domain (1-161 portion) of 55-kDa TNF receptor and its processing site at the C-terminal(More)
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