Sorrell H Waxman

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The reports in 1959 of the chromosomal anomalies in Turner's, Klinefelter's, and Down's syndromes were followed by a period of rapid advancement in human medical cytogenetics. Clinical cytogenetic research continued on living subjects, while a large area of human development remained relatively uncommitted to study. This area, spontaneous abortion, results(More)
Of the 22 possible autosomal trisomies in man, only 3 (trisomies-13, -18, -21) are found regularly in live births. Similar results have been obtained by cytogenetic studies of spontaneous abortions. In live births, trisomy-18 is the commonest trisomy involving the E group, with only 2 apparent cases of a trisomy-16 having been reported (Lewis et al., 1963;(More)
OBJECTIVE The Hawaii IDDM Registry was created to determine the incidence rate of IDDM among children aged < 15 years of Oahu between 1980 and 1990. Because of the multiracial population living in Hawaii, it is an ideal state in which to study the effect of migration on IDDM incidence. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Data were collected by a retrospective(More)