Sorin Solomon

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The rapid accumulation of knowledge and the recent emergence of new dynamic and practically unmoderated information repositories have rendered the classical concept of the hierarchal knowledge structure irrelevant and impossible to impose manually. This led to modern methods of data location, such as browsing or searching, which conceal the underlying(More)
We study the emergence of collective spatio-temporal objects in biological systems by representing individually the elementary interactions between their microscopic components. We use the immune system as a prototype for such interactions. The results of this detailed explicit analysis are compared with the traditional procedure of representing the(More)
Statistical distributions with heavy tails are ubiquitous in natural and social phenomena. Since the entries in heavy tail have unproportional significance, the knowledge of its exact shape is very important. Citations of scientific papers form one of the best-known heavy tail distributions. Even in this case there is a considerable debate whether citation(More)
We study a few dynamical systems composed of many components whose sizes evolve according to multiplicative stochastic rules. We compare them with respect to the emergence of power laws in the size distribution of their components. We show that the details specifying and enforcing the smallest size of the components are crucial as well as the rules for(More)
The dynamics of generalized Lotka-Volterra systems is studied by theoretical techniques and computer simulations. These systems describe the time evolution of the wealth distribution of individuals in a society, as well as of the market values of firms in the stock market. The individual wealths or market values are given by a set of time dependent(More)
Economic and cultural globalization is one of the most important processes humankind has been undergoing lately. This process is assumed to be leading the world into a wealthy society with a better life. However, the current trend of globalization is not unprecedented in human history, and has had some severe consequences in the past. By applying a(More)
We formulate a microscopic model of the stock market and study the re sulting macroscopic phenomena via simulation In a market of homogeneous investors periodic booms and crashes in stock price are obtained When there are two types of investors in the market di ering only in their memory spans we observe sharp irregular transitions between eras where one(More)