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In this paper a multi-statistics model of the impulse noise is presented. An impressive experimental noise data collection acquired from digital access loops provides the synthetic noise environment with the most convenient probability density functions. Internal and external impulse noise sources within communications copper lines are briefly surveyed. A(More)
The paper presents an optimized multimodal biometric system for identification applications. This solution is based on innovative and computational-efficient biometric data hierarchical classifiers (with detection and discrimination stages) and also with a post-classification fusion. The detection-based classification is very suitable for applications with(More)
The paper describes a server component from a tele-assistance / tele-monitoring system to assist elderly persons. The system consists of units located at the homes of the monitored persons collecting and sending medical and environmental data from sensors and a call centre with a server for recording and monitoring the data. Here, specialised staff will(More)
The development and diversification of the electronic services, closely related to the exponential development of communication and information technologies-ICT, lead to fundamental change in the field of service activities. The electronic services allow continuous access of the citizen to public sources of information, changing the concept of organization(More)
The diversification of telecommunication networks and advances in communication technologies, including the Internet, has considerable potential as an environment supporting telemedicine applications. Within eRomania government programme a special focus is on public and private electronic services development. During the last decade, communications systems(More)
The paper proposes a hierarchical decision system for human behavioral recognition in which the input data are classified using a multi-stage decision model. The hierarchical decision system is designed for personal security applications. The personal security concerns the early detection of critical person's conditions to prevent or to minimize certain(More)
The paper presents an innovative hierarchical classification model which should be applied for large-scale biometric identification systems, in order to improve their performance. The model is relying on a multi-level fusion approach, but completed with a feature-selection strategy. The practical application of the proposed model concerns networks security(More)