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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the cervical microleakage between a cobalt-chromium (Co-Cr) alloy and four indirect polymeric veneering materials using different adhesive systems. METHOD AND MATERIALS The Co-Cr-based alloy for fixed prosthesis used in this study (Biosil F, Degussa) was veneered with four different polymeric materials: Artglass,(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM . Marginal adaptation and resistance to microleakage are important factors for clinical success in fixed prosthodontics. Alloy corrosion that sometimes occurs under a veneer in the cervical area may result in cervical staining, a metallic taste, or even failure of the interface. PURPOSE This study investigated cervical microleakage(More)
Studying a series of 30 children with chronic gastritis (diagnosed by optic fiber gastroscopy and by mucosal biopsy), authors have founded important changes of the superficial mucosa and gastric glands. The histologic changes could explain the well-known functional alterations in chronic gastritis. They discussed also a possible immuno-pathogenic mechanism(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the chromatic changes of 3 porcelains after firing on titanium. METHOD AND MATERIALS Thirty-six veneer crowns were obtained by firing 3 different porcelains to titanium: Ti22 (Noritake), Triceram (Esprident), and Vitatitankeramik (Vita). A single shade was used for each porcelain. Besides the titanium-porcelain specimens, 3(More)
On a number of 135 cases of chronic enteropathies in patients aged 6 months--15 years, the trypsin, amilasis and lipasis levels in duodenal aspirate were investigated. In a high number, the decrease of pancreatic enzymes activity was noted and the majority of cases were accompanied by a marked dystrophy (grades II or III). Thus, it was not possible to(More)